The Mrs. Miller Story
The following are a selection of articles from then and now.
April 21, 1966
"Grandma's Gone 'Downtown"
May 13, 1966
"Kansas Rocking Bird"
May 29, 1966
"Sudden Fame at 59- She's Having a Ball"
June 6, 1966
"Most Memorable Debut for a Coloratura From Claremont"
Sept. 22, 1967
"A Most Unlikely Lark: Mrs. Miller is Off-Pitch for Profit"
Oct. 21, 1967
"Mrs. Miller Tries to Change Image"
July 7, 1976
"Postscript: Bravo for Mrs. Miller- She Had to Be Free"
Aug. 1999
"Searching for Mrs. Miller or Plan 9 From Claremont"
The Elva Miller Historical Society Comprehensive Biography
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