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"Never Been Kissed": Music from the Motion Picture
CD - April 1999 - Capitol Records
01) Never You Mind
02) Standing By
03) Lucky Denver Mint
04) Problem
05) Erase/Rewind
06) Closer To Myself
07) At My Most Beautiful
Fred Block & Mrs. Miller
09) Candy In The Sun
10) Until You Loved Me
11) Cumbia De Los Muertos
12) Watching The Wheels
13) Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want
14) Innocent Journey
15) Don't Worry Baby
16) A Girl Named Happiness (Never Been Kissed)

"Never Been Kissed" Album Cover
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Through the magic of creative editing, Mrs. Miller's voice is heard on Fred Block's version of "Catch a Falling Star." Fred Block was responsible for musical direction on the first three Capitol Mrs. Miller albums.

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