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Mary Jane Soundtrack
LP - Febuary 1968 - Sidewalk Productions
Side One
1) Theme from Mary Jane (Mike Clifford)
2) Ellie's Theme
3) The Fun Zone
4) Grass Party
5) Persuit

Side Two
1) Jerry's Theme
2) Bay City Boys
3) Gas Hassle
4) Theme from Mary Jane (Mrs.Miller)
5) Store Stealing

"Maryjane" Album Cover
Have you found a RARE or LOST Mrs.Miller artifact? TELL US!
Mrs.Miller gives her angle on the marajuana conspiracy by contributing to the soundtrack of this explotation film classic. Produced by the legendary Mike Curb.

Liner Notes:


The Film:
"Maryjane" Movie Poster Mary Jane
95 min, color - 1968 - American International
Starring: Fabian, Diane McBain, Patty McCormick, Terri Garr
Directed by: Maury Dexter

This exploitation film about the evils of marijuana finds art teacher Phil Blake (Fabian) discovering some of his students are smoking pot. Although he admits to the students he tried it himself in college he is dumber than a bag of hammers about student drug use. Phil has eyes for fellow teacher Ellie (Diane McBain) until he discovers she is the main dealer along with the star of the football team. Susan (Patty McCormick) is all grow up from her appearance in "Bad Seed" and Terri Garr makes a brief appearance as a student. The film is a feeble attempt to cash in on the sensationalism of marijuana use. Richard Gautier co-wrote this unintentionally laughable film along with Peter Marshall of "Hollywood Squares" television fame. Marshall and Gautier prove with this feature they are two of the biggest squares in Hollywood.

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